Food and Drug Interactions

Eat healthy! But also be sure that your foods aren’t fighting against any prescription or over-the-counter drugs you are taking.

Taking antibiotics? Calcium-rich dairy products (such as milk, cheese, and ice cream), antacids, calcium supplements, and calcium-fortified foods can all lessen the effectiveness of antibiotics, particularly tetracycline.

Taking blood pressure or cholesterol medicine? Grapefruit and grapefruit juice can interfere, allowing the medication to enter your bloodstream too quickly.

These are just two examples. If you are taking medications, check with your health coach to see if there are any foods you should avoid.

Spring Ahead to Tastier and Healthier Foods

BTL Newsletter Spring 2011 copyEverything seems fresher when springtime arrives. And that’s certainly true when it comes to food. We tend to eat heavier meals in the winter. But now’s the time to lighten up with fresh spring produce.

Local strawberries are nutritional treasures — plenty of fiber and packed with vitamin C. Add them to your breakfast; snack on them at night.