Two Minutes for Better Health

brush teeth manDon’t forget to brush! Brushing helps eliminate the filmy mix of bacteria and the stuff it makes called plaque. Left alone, it petrifies into tartar, a welcoming home to microscopic food particles and bacteria that feed on them.

And this is where the real trouble begins. Your gums can become swollen and tender, with a bit of bleeding when you brush. Left untreated, you can develop an infection in your gums that spreads into your bloodstream. This is no small problem. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reports that people with severe gum disease are four times more likely to suffer a heart attack than those with clean gums. (more…)

Faster, Stronger, Better

shutterstock_64221388What’s better, cardio (aerobics) or strength training? It depends on your goals.

» To reduce weight, you burn more calories when you run or cycle, but building muscle is a better bet for the long run. That’s because your body keeps burning calories as your muscles recover. And the more muscular you are, the more calories you burn day and night. Winner: Strength training

» To fight stress and fatigue, turn to running, swimming, and playing active sports. You’ll boost serotonin levels in the brain in a way that strength training can’t match. More serotonin means you feel better. Winner: Cardio exercise (more…)