Get Out Your Bike and Have Some Fun

June 2014-2

Remember when summer meant riding your bike everywhere? It didn’t feel like exercise—it felt like fun, freedom, and fresh air. This summer, be like a kid again—get on your bike and go! (more…)

Be Good and Take Your Medicine

“It should go without saying, but medicine doesn’t work if you don’t take it!” Tom

Pharmacist Tom Glover sees the problem all the time.“We know that the right medicines make a big difference, helping people live longer and live better,” he says. “But people with chronic conditions take their medicines correctly only about half of the time. And that’s not good.”

Tom reminds employees that annual HealthChecks help find conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes—all of which often can be easily treated with medication. However, some people ignore the results altogether.

Others get prescriptions, but fall short when it comes to actually taking their pills. (more…)

Fight the Flu (Don’t Pass It On)

FluGetting a flu shot not only protects you, it protects everyone around you. Dr. Bo Axelsson, Medical Director of Wells Care Coordination, reminds employees to be sure to get their shots this year. “You don’t want to get the flu, of course. But even more important is that you don’t want to be the person who gives the flu to someone who can’t recover. That’s why we say that fighting the flu starts with you.”

Your on-site Health Center offers no-cost flu shots for your whole family to help keep everyone safe. Watch for information about availability at your location.


Ask a Health Coach


Q: I’m on medication for a few different conditions and am concerned about harmful drug interactions. What can I do to lower the risk of this happening?

For starters, talk to your health coach. Every patient should know about the warnings for their medications and speak with a health care professional on this subject. Besides learning how drugs may interact with each other, everyone should have an idea how their medications could react with certain foods and beverages, as well as with various supplements, including popular herbal and muscle-building supplements. (more…)