quit nowGiving up tobacco is hard. But there are a number of free or inexpensive apps available for your smart phone that can help make this process easier.

Here are just a few:




    Quit Now! for Android phones

kick smoking    KickSmoking for Windows phones

   Livestrong MyQuit Coach for iPhones

These apps offer features that help you track:

  • How long you’ve been smoke-free
  • How much money you’ve saved
  • How many cigarettes you’ve refused
  • Health benefits you’ve gained by quitting Quit plans for quitting “cold turkey” or by “tapering down” (gradually decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke)

Some apps also help you connect to online communities for further support and tips. If you’ve been thinking about quitting, have already started, try downloading one of these today. It may be just the extra boost you need to kick the habit!