Q: With Alliance Coal’s health coverage, I have one or more prescriptions that will cost me 30%, 50%, or even 100% coinsurance starting in 2014. Who can help me identify other medications that would be free or cost me only 10%?


The health coach at your on-site Health Center can review your Tomcurrent prescriptions and provide suggestions for other medications to consider.

In most cases, there is a generic medication available that is therapeutically identical to your current medication. Often, your pharmacist can make this substitution without the need for your nurse practitioner or doctor to write a new prescription. In most other cases, even if a generic is not available, there are drugs that may be effective and will cost you much less. Your nurse practitioner or doctor can write you a new prescription or contact the pharmacy for you.

As the advising pharmacist for the Wells team, I am also available to help employees and their families identify effective medications. My staff and I have been assisting Alliance employees for several years and are very familiar with your needs. If you would like to speak with me, please ask your HR Manager or health coach when I am scheduled to visit your work location. Or simply call me or my staff at (270) 667-2295 or email me at

~ Tom Glover, Pharmacist, Thrifty Pharmacy