Q: Won’t the flu shot give me the flu?

No. Flu shots don’t cause flu. But I can understand why some people think this way.2010 (113) clipping copy

What happens when you get a flu shot is that you receive dead flu viruses. These dead viruses can’t cause flu (that’s good!), but your body responds to them anyway and begins creating antibodies against the viruses. After about two weeks, your body is fortified with these antibodies and prepared to take out the live flu viruses if you are exposed to them.

Sometimes after you get a flu shot, you can feel your body responding. Perhaps you have a runny nose for a day or two. It’s not the flu. It’s a sign that you’re building up protection.

Do you have more questions about flu shots? Just ask us. And be sure that you and your family get the shot and not the flu this year!

~ NP Hermiety Van Laar, Tunnel Ridge