“It should go without saying, but medicine doesn’t work if you don’t take it!” Tom

Pharmacist Tom Glover sees the problem all the time.“We know that the right medicines make a big difference, helping people live longer and live better,” he says. “But people with chronic conditions take their medicines correctly only about half of the time. And that’s not good.”

Tom reminds employees that annual HealthChecks help find conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes—all of which often can be easily treated with medication. However, some people ignore the results altogether.

Others get prescriptions, but fall short when it comes to actually taking their pills. According to Tom, this isn’t just an Alliance problem—it’s a national problem. The consequences of failing to take medications (or failing to take them correctly) are astounding:   July 1 If you have questions about prescriptions, please speak with your health coach. Tom Glover is also available to answer questions and help employees and their families find the right medications. If you would like to speak with pharmacist Tom Glover, ask your HR Manager or health coach when he is scheduled to visit your work location. He can also be reached at (270) 667-2295 or at thriftyp@bellsouth.net.

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