Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is bad news. It’s called the silent killer because it can kill without warning. Heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure are all linked to high blood pressure.artery

Here at the Health Centers, we regularly check blood pressure so we can help miners do something before it’s too late.

For some people, changing diet, increasing activity, and shedding extra weight are all it takes. But for others, medication is needed.

The good news is that certain medications are available at no cost. And there’s no problem getting the right medications.

shutterstock_11407831Taking them … now that’s another issue. “When we find that someone’s blood pressure has risen again, it’s often because they’ve stopped taking their medication,” says Nurse Elon Jones at Hopkins County Coal. “They just don’t realize what they’re risking because they don’t feel any different.”

“Any of these could kill you or leave you bedridden and feeble for years and years,” says Nurse Elon. “Believe me, you don’t want to end up a broken man knowing that you’d still be strong and healthy if you had only taken your blood pressure medication.”

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You may not feel different when your blood pressure is high, but the reality is different:

          • The pressure damages the lining of the arteries in your brain, making it easier for clots to form or arteries to rupture. That’s a stroke.
          • Blood vessels weaken and bulge. That’s an aneurysm. If this ruptures, it can kill you.
          • You heart muscle gets thicker. This can lead to heart failure.
          • The blood vessels in your kidneys get weaker and narrower. This can lead to kidney failure.