spring 2013_in-network_UKPlaying Basketball is only one of the things they do really well at the University of Kentucky. We are proud to have UK HealthCare on our team as an Alliance Coal In-Network Plus provider and we encourage you to take advantage of their care.

As part of UK HealthCare in Lexington, both UK Chandler Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Hospital are able to draw upon the clinical expertise of the University of Kentucky faculty in Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Sciences, and Public Health.

While these multi-disciplinary teams have proven especially skilled at managing complex medical and surgical cases for Sum2013_Back2Alliance employees and their family members, they are also available to provide top-notch treatment for those of us dealing with more standard health issues. UK HealthCare has amassed a great deal of collective experience performing a broad range of procedures more often than most community hospitals.

Proven experience is an important factor to consider when deciding where to seek care. When Dr. Wells refers employees to UK Chandler Hospital or UK Good Samaritan Hospital, the Alliance Health Care Program covers all medically-necessary eligible expenses, as well as approved travel expenses for the patient and family members or a companion.


 Spring 2013_In-Network_KimWondering if care at UK might be right for you? Contact Nurse Kim Roe at 859.685.6360 or roe@4thoseyoulove.com