Picture 2Gary Nally has seen a lot of innovation in his 26 years with Gibson County Coal. “There’s been a tremendous amount of change in the way we mine coal and in our technology. We’re just so much more advanced than we were 25 or 30 years ago.”

He also values the improvements in the way health care is provided. “We never used to have nurse stations or Health Centers, and so we’ve come a long way in that way, too. I know it’s helped me tremendously.”

Gary’s story begins with a sore throat. “So I came to the nurse and they prescribed an antibiotic. But my throat still hurt. So I went to my family doctor and he gave me some other things. Still hurt,” he recalls.

Picture 29NP Regina Stokeley and Nurse Cathy Hary sent Gary to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist who diagnosed the problem: inoperable stage four throat cancer. Gary’s only option was chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Gary talked to Dr. Wells and NP Stokeley about In-Network Plus hospitals. “I liked the team concept—and that Dr. Wells could help line things up for me and get me in to see the right people really quickly.” With their guidance, Gary chose to receive treatment at University of Kentucky. “I got a tremendous amount of support from Dr. Wells and NP Regina Stokeley here at the mine. They set up everything with the hospital, so that when I got there, they knew I was coming and were ready for me.”

He received 35 radiation treatments and three rounds of chemotherapy. Through it all, Gary worked whatever hours he felt able. “That was big for me because there were a lot of days that I’d just go home. And the nurse was a big help. She’d even come to my house and check on my IVs or whatever needed to be done.” “I think I’ve got a lot of years left,” exclaims a now optimistic and cancer-free Gary. “I’ve been from one extreme to the other. But I’m blessed and fortunate to be here.”


Here to Help

Besides providing primary care at on-site Health Centers, the Wells team can:

  • Refer you to other providers for more advanced care
  • Make sure you are on the right medications and taking them correctly
  • Coordinate providers and health care services on your behalf
  • Help you transition from a hospital stay to home care
  • Review your medical bills