benny-and-staff-e1408643993270-1024x734-1 Benita “Benny” Jordan is living proof that an annual mammogram can save a life. Both Benny’s aunt and grandmother had breast cancer, so she knew then importance of getting checked regularly.

During a free mammogram at River View Coal’s HealthCheck Days last year, Benny learned that she had developed a lump in her breast. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. screenin guideleines

Because they caught the cancer early, it was contained and treated successfully. Benny has been cancer-free for more than a year now. She’s back underground, she feels great, and she’s proud to share her story.

“I hope all of the ladies take advantage of this great benefit, because breast cancer can happen to anyone,” encourages Benny. “Do your monthly self-exams and get a mammogram every year. If you find it early, you can take care of it.”

Benny’s advice has encouraged at least two women. Her two daughters both understand their family medical history and get regular mammograms.