BoIt’s New Year’s resolution time again. What will you do in 2013 to live a healthier life? Here are a few suggestions from Dr. Bo Axelsson in the Alliance Tulsa Health Center.

Keep it simple. Focus on one personal health goal, with a few small improvements that you can stick with. For example, lose 10 pounds and keep it off. Start by cutting back on sugary sodas and energy drinks—and drinking more water.

Find a way to move more. Exercise doesn’t have to be done in a gym. Any kind of movement is better than sitting on the couch. Play with your kids or grandkids, work on projects around the house, walk up and down the stairs—it all counts.

Pay attention to your HealthCheck results! If your HealthCheck shows something that needs to be fixed, meet with your on-site nurse or nurse practitioner to come up with a reasonable plan for fixing it.