2014 Built to Last Awards – Excel Mining Wins Big

BTL Trophy GraphicCongratulations to the miners at Excel Mining!

Excel was not only the Alliance Coal mine with the best Heart Age improvement for 2014, but also achieved Most Improved Cholesterol, Most Improved Blood Pressure, and Most Improved Blood Sugar.

“I’m just so proud of these guys,” said NP Glennis Little, from the Health Center at Excel. “They proved that taking a few action steps can make a difference, for their sake and for their loved ones.” This marks the second annual Built to Last Awards, determined through the results from the 2014 HealthChecks. (more…)

Kick Start Your Weight Loss Right Here!

appleHoping to reach a healthy weight in 2015? This Health Resources section has tips and tools to help you, such as:

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Write it down. Experts say those who keep a food journal lose 2x as much weight as those who don’t.

“Half of the battle of weight loss is paying closer attention to what you consume,” says NP Pam Jackson, from the Health Center at Gibson North. “Slowing down, savoring your food, watching portions, and noting when extra sugar or calories slip in can help you avoid frustration and make progress.”

The Daily Food Log is an easy-to-use tool for recording what you eat and tracking your goals.


Small Changes Make for Big Results

cokeEver heard the phrase, “Go big or go home?” Well, we say “Make it small and watch the pounds fall.” Often it’s the small, incremental changes you make that lead to life-changing results.

Studies show that people who make even just one small change in their eating or activity (like drinking one less can of soda or walking an extra five minutes every day) lose significant pounds and inches. “When you just start adding a couple small changes here and there, over time they lead to bigger lifestyle shifts that add up to lasting results,” says NP Lisa Russell, from the Health Center at Pattiki. (more…)