Q: Why should I risk ruining my sex life just to keep my blood pressure under control?

RandaBrumfield_2035 clipYou don’t have to choose. We can find a solution that works for you.

We just need to be able to talk about it. It’s a topic we’re comfortable with, because we’re nurses. But I know sometimes it’s hard for a guy to talk about. Just call it “ED” That’s shorthand for Erectile Dysfunction.

And here’s the issue: High blood pressure causes ED in almost 50% of men. So, if you’re concerned about ED, you need to do something about high blood pressure.

But you may be concerned that blood pressure medication could also cause ED. And that can be true also. Some medications cause problems for some guys.

We just need to work together to find the right medications and dosage levels. There’s a little bit of trial and error in this as we find out what works for you. But it’s worth it so that you can be on track for controlling your blood pressure without increasing your risk for ED.”

~NP Randa Brumfield, Warrior Coal