Sarah BrownQ: My wife asked whether she should bring the kids in to the Health Center of if you were mostly for people who work at Alliance Coal.

We’re here for everyone covered by Alliance Coal Benefits — and that includes spouses and children up to age 26.

Of course it’s clear that we’re most convenient for people who work here. We’re just a few extra steps away. But we can also be a convenient alternative to a doctor’s office for families.

One of the things we do, for example, is provide sports physicals at no cost. I think that’s a great service for families. And sometimes a parent and child want to have a conversation about a health concern. I love talking with kids and helping them understand what’s going on — whether their issues is something simple like getting a flu shot, or more complicated and serious like dealing with food allergies or asthma.

You can find Health Center hours for all of the Alliance Coal locations at The phone numbers are listed there too, so you can call for an appointment.”


~ NP Sarah Brown, Matrix Design Group