hard boiled eggsIt’s called breakfast, because it’s the meal that breaks your overnight fast. But fitting it into a busy morning usually means it’s a quick meal, too. Luckily, quick can be healthy and help you lower your Heart Age. Try these ideas from some of our health coaches:

Grab an apple and a handful of walnuts. You can even eat this breakfast on your drive to the mine. You get fiber and vitamin C from the apple. Walnuts add more fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. Double up on the apples if you want (your body loves apples!). | NP Glennis Little ~ Excel Mining waffle

Like toaster waffles? Choose bran, whole grain, or multi-grain waffles and top with peanut butter. This one is trickier to eat on the go – but is still quick and easy. You get fiber from the waffles. The peanut butter gives you unsaturated fats (the good fat). | NP Regina Stokeley ~ Gibson County Coal

Keep some hard-boiled eggs in the fridge. They are healthier than a fried egg and ready to go when you are. You get all 9 essential amino acids plus vitamin D. | NP Angie McLaughlin ~ Pattiki

Make your own breakfast snack mix. This is another eat-on-the-go breakfast. Mini-wheat cereal, nuts, and dried fruit combine to give you fiber and other nutrients. Go a little easy on the dried fruit – it’s high in sugar and doesn’t have all the nutrients of fresh fruit. | NP Hermiety Van Laar ~ Tunnel Ridge

Fix yourself a yogurt sundae. This is a sit-down breakfast, but still fast to make. Top yogurt (don’t go for high-sugar yogurt) with fruit and some of your favorite cereal. The healthier the cereal, the healthier the breakfast. | NP Kim French ~ River View Coal

Breakfast drinks. There are a growing number of ready-to-drink bottles available in your grocery store that would be perfect to grab as you’re heading out the door. Choose one that is sugar-free. | NP Randa Brumfield ~ Warrior Coal   


Having breakfast at home helps you be in control of eating healthy. But if you do end up choosing to stop at a drive thru for breakfast click here to discover some smarter breakfast choices.