Last summer, we featured a story about Jack, a new Alliance Coal employee who was working hard to lose weight. After the first 17-weeks of being involved in a weight loss program, Jack had lost an impressive 27 pounds.

We’re happy to report that Jack is still working hard and, as of January, has lost a total of 75 pounds and hit his goal weight! He continues to attend weight loss meetings and is really enjoying his workouts. “When I first started losing weight, I mostly walked,” says Jack. “I couldn’t have imagined ever enjoying running, but now I actually do. I’m jogging five days a week and getting ready to compete in my second 5K.”

Jack believes if he can do it, anyone can. You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships — just start moving. He also recommends finding a group, like Weight Watchers®, so you’re not in it alone. “Being accountable, and sharing tips and encouragement — it really helps.”


Kick the Killer 5: Cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, bodyweight, and tobacco use … we call these the “Killer 5” because they’re the five main reasons for early death among our coal miners and families. These conditions often give no warning that they are destroying our health — until it is too late.

If you need to lose weight, work with your health coach to get it under control — before it’s too late.