Mental Health Support Through Telehealth

Dr. Siegel is a medical doctor and a psychiatrist who provides counseling to Alliance Coal employees and adult family members via telehealth technology. He treats a wide range of mental health symptoms to help improve quality of life. Watch this video to see how Dr. Siegel may be able to offer support to you or your family members. Talk to your health coach for more information or to access the program.

Returning Happiness

We are proud to provide and connect Alliance Coal employees and their families with the best care possible. This video, courtesy of our friends at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, shows how we make that happen at our on-site health centers using the latest telehealth technology. If you or someone in your family might benefit from convenient and confidential adult or child psychiatric services, please talk to the health coach at your on-site Health Center.

Care Coordination Gives from the Heart

thumbnailLife can change in an instant. April Cullen knows that all too well.

It started with the loss of her eyesight. “I was driving down the road and I couldn’t see the signs and I couldn’t see the cars in front of me.” April, whose husband Tim works at Warrior Coal, learned she had a condition called retinopathy, which is irreversible.

Not long after, while waiting on her front porch for her sister to pick her up for work, April suddenly felt an intense pain. She thought she had been accidentally shot by a hunter, but realized it was something just as deadly: heart attack. “All of a sudden, my shoulder felt like somebody was inside just twisting my shoulder, and it ran down my right arm,” April recalled. Her sister rushed her to the hospital, where the doctors put stents in her heart. (more…)

In-Network Plus Spotlight: UK HealthCare

spring 2013_in-network_UKPlaying Basketball is only one of the things they do really well at the University of Kentucky. We are proud to have UK HealthCare on our team as an Alliance Coal In-Network Plus provider and we encourage you to take advantage of their care.

As part of UK HealthCare in Lexington, both UK Chandler Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Hospital are able to draw upon the clinical expertise of the University of Kentucky faculty in Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Sciences, and Public Health. (more…)

In-Network Plus Spotlight: Deaconess Health System

womens104 (3) copyNational Research Corporation (NRC) recently named Deaconess Health System as a Consumer Choice Award winner for being “most preferred” and offering “highest quality” services as rated by consumers. Deaconess serves Southern Indiana, Southeastern Illinois, and Western Kentucky.

We are proud to have Deaconess as part of Alliance Coal’s In-Network Plus and encourage employees and families in the Tri-State area to take advantage of their care. Deaconess Health System features six hospitals, more than 20 primary care locations, and several specialty facilities. This includes the Deaconess Clinic, a multi-specialty group practice of more than 100 physicians at ambulatory sites conveniently located throughout Evansville and surrounding communities.

You probably know In-Network Plus as the place where you can get 100% coverage for most services. But it’s much more than that. These are the trusted providers that collaborate with our health team toward the goal of better health for Alliance Coal employees and their families. To find a Deaconess physician that’s right for you, visit and click on “Find a Doctor”—or call 800-467-9050.

New Partners in Care

Sum2013_Back2HRMCWe are proud to have Highlands Regional Medical Center in Prestonsburg and its regional clinics in Eastern Kentucky join Alliance Coal’s In-Network Plus group of providers. And I encourage Excel employees and families to take advantage of the care they provide.

I continue to talk with and evaluate hospitals and facilities as part of our effort to expand our network of In-Network Plus providers. You probably know In-Network Plus as the place where you can get 100% coverage for most services.

But I know that it’s much more than that. These are a special group of doctors and facilities that share our belief that that good medical care requires close coordination among everyone involved. These are the providers that work with our health team to ensure we’re doing all we can to help our patients get the right care.