shutterstock_64221388What’s better, cardio (aerobics) or strength training? It depends on your goals.

» To reduce weight, you burn more calories when you run or cycle, but building muscle is a better bet for the long run. That’s because your body keeps burning calories as your muscles recover. And the more muscular you are, the more calories you burn day and night. Winner: Strength training

» To fight stress and fatigue, turn to running, swimming, and playing active sports. You’ll boost serotonin levels in the brain in a way that strength training can’t match. More serotonin means you feel better. Winner: Cardio exercise

» To strengthen your heart a good sweat is best. Although strength training builds muscles, it doesn’t do much for the most important muscle of all, your heart. Cardio exercise can help your heart pump stronger and increase your good cholesterol. Winner: Cardio exercise

» Preventing injuries calls for strong, balanced muscles. This includes core muscles in the back and abdomen, as well as muscles in the knees, hips and ankles—areas most commonly injured. Winner: Strength training


Want to improve your health all the way around? A combination of cardio and strength training each week will help you reach all your goals.

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