shoes walkJack knew he needed to lose a few pounds. In fact, he was already dieting when he started working for Alliance Coal. He was very pleased to learn that there was a Health Center at work that would give him more support and tools than he had on his own.

He joined a 17-week weight loss program right away. At the meetings, he learned about portion control and healthy substitutes for some of the foods he was used to eating. He also started exercising more — he began walking regularly and then eventually started jogging.

“This is a great benefit,” says Jack. “I know the company health plan is self-insured so they have a vested interest in this, but to have a company so involved in your fitness and well-being is unusual. As a new hire, I greatly appreciate that.”

He was extra motivated by the Body Mass Index (BMI) number on his HealthCheck results. “The numbers don’t lie,” says Jack. “I knew I was overweight, but seeing the BMI and other numbers was a really good thing.” Jack is looking forward to seeing the impact of his efforts on his next HealthCheck. He lost 27 pounds during the 17-week program and has already signed up for the next 17 weeks.

Your health coach can help you catch Killer 5 problems before they get serious. Visit your on-site Health Center today to develop a game plan for being Built to Last.