Health Centers


At Alliance Coal, health care is about much more than simply taking care of you when you’re sick. They want to keep you healthy. That’s why there is a Health Center, right on-site at most mines and offices.

From checkups and routine health care, to treatment of chronic conditions and all your day-to-day ailments, the on-site Health Centers staffed by the team of Dr. Raymond D. Wells are available to serve your whole family by providing:

+ Physical exams (including pap tests, sports/school exams, some immunizations, and screenings)

+ Diagnosis and treatment of health problems

+ Primary care for families and children

+ Prescription and over-the-counter medications

+ Medical education, specialty referrals, and care coordination

There is no office visit copay, and many medications are currently available at no cost to you. Appointments are encouraged, but not required.

The on-site Health Centers are staffed by a doctor, nurse, or Nurse Practitioner (NP). An NP is fully-licensed and qualified to provide similar services as a family doctor— including ordering lab tests, diagnosing health problems, and prescribing medications.