Health Resources

This is where you will find helpful health resources from the Wells team.

Mental Health Support Through Telehealth

Dr. Siegel is a medical doctor and a psychiatrist who provides counseling to Alliance Coal employees and adult family members via telehealth technology. He treats a wide range of mental health symptoms to help improve quality of life. Watch this video to see how Dr. Siegel may be able to offer support to you or your family members. Talk to your health coach for more information or to access the program.

Power Up with These Super Foods

Having Power for Life means you are happier, alert on the job and more naturally energized in your daily life. The foods you eat influence your energy levels throughout the day. That also applies to your emotional state and mental focus. Check out this fun, helpful video:

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Returning Happiness

We are proud to provide and connect Alliance Coal employees and their families with the best care possible. This video, courtesy of our friends at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, shows how we make that happen at our on-site health centers using the latest telehealth technology. If you or someone in your family might benefit from convenient and confidential adult or child psychiatric services, please talk to the health coach at your on-site Health Center.

Ask a Health Coach

Q: My Heart Age is a little high. What’s the best way to reduce it?

Your Heart Age, which is calculated as part of your annual HealthCheck, is an estimate of your cardiovascular health based on a number of inter-related factors, including your age, gender, and your specific HealthCheck measurements.

The key to reducing Heart Age is to make improvements in the risk factor(s) that are a problem for you. The five risk factors include:

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Body Weight
  3. Tobacco
  4. Blood Sugar
  5. Cholesterol

Work with your health coach to understand your results and target specific improvements you can make to reduce your Heart Age. You might be surprised at the results. For example, if you smoke cigarettes, just by quitting you can reduce your Heart Age by four years.

Get the Shot, Not the Flu. Someone’s Counting on You.

Protect your crew at work and home. “Getting your annual flu shot is a great way to keep yourself healthy through flu season,” says Nurse Denise Bradbury from the Health Center at Tulsa. “And it’s also a great way to protect those around you. The flu is very contagious. You wouldn’t want to pass it on to others – especially someone who would have a difficult time recovering, such as a young child or elderly person.”

Your on-site Health Center offers no-cost flu shots for your whole family. Watch for information about availability at your location.