HealthCheck logoKnow Your Numbers: Get a HealthCheck Every Year!

HealthCheck is basically an annual physical—confidential, with no copay or coinsurance required. A HealthCheck helps detect signs of heart-health (cardiovascular) diseases—the #1 cause of death among Americans. Many don’t realize they already have a “silent killer” like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol—that’s because there may be no pain or other symptoms until a major heart problem occurs.

When you have a HealthCheck, your health coach will give you an easy-to-understand report. If the HealthCheck uncovers any heart-health risks, your health coach can explain the conditions and help you develop a game plan to improve your health. The goal is to help you identify heart-health conditions as soon as possible … and try to stop them from getting so bad that they severely limit your lifestyle or cause early death.

Why get a HealthCheck every year? Because it gives you a better chance of detecting health problems early—before they get serious. And because it allows you to check your progress if you need to improve your health, so you know whether your game plan is working … or if you and your health coach need to adjust your plan. Your HealthCheck lets your body tell you and your coach what to focus on.

If your HealthCheck report says “FIX” under “Risk Reduction Opportunity,” please pay special attention. We call these the Killer 5, because they’re the five biggest cardiovascular reasons for illness and early death among Alliance Coal employees and families.

If your risk is elevated in one or more of these areas, your nurse practitioner or doctor can develop a game plan and meet with you regularly to help reduce your risk and improve your health.

Are you ready to become young at heart? It starts with your annual HealthCheck and a conversation with your nurse practitioner or doctor.