BTL Newsletter Winter 2011 copyYou likely entered the new year with a resolution. For many of us, that resolution is already a burst balloon. What now? Make a resolution not to make any more resolutions? Or give it another go. Henry Ford once said that “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again … this time more wisely.”

If better nutrition is your resolution, consider this simple recommendation:

Choose water instead of sugary drinks.

Why? Water is your body’s favorite beverage (even if it’s not the one you crave). And cutting out sugary beverages eliminates a lot of calories from your diet.

If you’re an average American, you’re consuming about 250 more calories a day than Americans of a generation ago … and nearly half of that is coming from beverages. That puts the average person on track to gain more than 10 pounds a year—just from what they’re drinking.

Those struggling the hardest to lose weight may have unwittingly poured on the pounds — through beverages — even faster. Most contestants on “The Biggest Loser” television show, for example, learned that they were consuming their total daily calorie needs through beverages alone.

Take a pass on that 20-oz cola and you’ve saved yourself from drinking 16 teaspoons of sugar and about 250 calories.

Energy drinks like Red Bull® also include a lot of sugar and empty calories, as well as stimulants such as caffeine. Recent studies suggest that too much can lead to health problems, particularly when mixed with alcohol.

Take one simple step toward better health — choose water more often.