iStock_000004985521MediumJim Brown is Engineering Manager at White County Coal. And, although he’s not yet reached all his goals, he’s on the road to success.

“My heart age was so bad, they wouldn’t even give me a number at first. Everyone else was running around talking about their heart age and I had nothing to say.”

He’s struggled with weight, diabetes, and high blood pressure for years, going on fad diets and over-exercising for quick weight loss … which he gained back just as quickly.

Now he’s working with Dr. Wells and NP Angela McLaughlin toward a permanent change.

“For me, it’s about perseverance and the long term.” He and his wife have cut out soda and candy, switched to skim milk, and added V8 to their daily routine. They started doing aerobics in December and now it’s something they do every morning. Across the board, he’s working toward developing habits that he can enjoy for a long time.

“I continue to need medication adjustments, and so I really like that I can stop in any time to talk with Angie (his NP) about any issues I’m having. And she keeps me posted on what additional things I should do to monitor and improve my health.”

Jim says he is looking forward to seeing the results of his next annual HealthCheck. In the meantime, he reports that he feels great, and that’s a clear result of doing the right things.”