wellsI’m asking for you to be more involved in your health, with the help of my team of health coaches. Four specific recommendations that I believe can make a powerful difference for you and your family:

#1: Get a HealthCheck Every Year

A HealthCheck helps detect signs of cardiovascular diseases — signs like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Identifying and treating these health issues early — even before you have any pain or other symptoms — can prevent them from doing silent damage to your body and may prevent a major heart problem later.


#2: Use a Health Coach

Be sure your NP, doctor, or other health coach understands your personal health situation, needs, and treatments. Use your coach to coordinate your routine and specialty care, and to make sure that you’re never in the dark about treatment options and alternatives.


#3: Use In-Network Plus Doctors and Hospitals

Each In-Network Plus provider has been carefully chosen based on their available treatment options and history of successful health outcomes.


#4: Take Your Medications

If your doctor or health coach suggests you take a medication, it’s for good reasons. Your condition is not likely to improve without the medication, and may get much worse, leading to more serious health problems.


Raymond D. Wells MD