bear runWinter’s no time for hibernation … unless you’re a bear! (And it only works for them because they stop eating.)

This winter, get physical!

  • Physical activity boosts your immune system. This helps your body fight off colds and flu.
  • It helps fight depression, too. And that’s especially important in winter when less sunlight can bring on the blues.
  • It makes it way easier to lose weight and keep it off.

Life’s too short to waste away the winter months. Get out there and have fun!

  • Walk or hike. Visit area parks, walk through your neighborhood, explore downtown on foot.
  • Go bowling, ice skating, play basketball. Check out local recreation centers, gyms, and indoor spaces.
  • Get moving in your own home. Lift weights, dance, play active games, set up a fitness circuit with your kids (jumping jacks in the living room, wall push-ups in the hallway, and more).