Fresh Fruits And VegetablesEating lots of fruits and vegetables can help you lower your blood pressure, lower your chances of developing certain health problems, manage your weight, and more.

Try fruits and vegetables in many different colors — red, dark green, yellow, blue, purple, white, and orange. They not only taste great, but also give you a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients. The more color, the better!

With summer here, it’s easier than ever to include fruits and vegetables into your meals and snacks. Share the following ideas with your spouse on how to mix more fruits and vegetables into your summer days:

  • Plan a family outing to your local farmer’s market or a fresh-produce stand.
  • Make a fruit salad with oranges, pink grapefruit, mango, papaya, kiwifruit, and bananas.
  • Consider growing a small garden with your kids — they often enjoy home-grown veggies more.
  • Make a colorful slaw using shredded red and green cabbage with finely chopped red and yellow peppers.
  • Be adventurous — try out a new fruit or vegetable next time you are at the grocery store or farmer’s market.
  • Add one to two cups of mixed frozen vegetables — such as spinach, red peppers, or peas — to canned soup or spaghetti sauce as you heat it up.
  • Microwave a sweet potato and top it with black beans and salsa.
  • When you order pizza, skip the pepperoni and go for green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and/or spinach.
  • Rather than a plain lettuce side salad, try a Greek salad by adding tomatoes, olives, beets, and cucumbers.
  • Have a chicken salad with cut-up apples, pears, grapes, mandarin oranges, blueberries, or raspberries.

For more tips on how you can include fruits and vegetables in your meals, or to learn more about which fruits and vegetables offer which specific nutrients, visit


Try This in Your Lunchbox

There’s nothing better on a warm summer day than a cool treat in the lunch box. Freeze grapes, cherries, and berries ahead of time, then pop them in your box. When you have your break, they will still be cold. Experiment to see whether you prefer them frozen, slightly thawed, or totally thawed (but some berries might turn out mushy).