Feeling run down and tired can be nothing johnny and ginamore than the result of a busy schedule and too little sleep. Or it can be the symptom of something much more serious, as Johnny Wilson recently discovered.

Johnny stopped by the Warrior Coal Health Center to see NP Gina Elder and explained how he had been feeling. NP Gina did a blood workup to see if there were signs of anything unusual. And there were. Based on her review of the results, NP Gina immediately sent Johnny for a colonoscopy, which uncovered a leaking blood vessel that needed to be repaired, as well as six polyps to be removed.

Johnny is fine now and is sharing his story with his fellow coal miners across Alliance. His message—“Don’t wait. If I had waited, things could have been much, much worse. Get checked early if something feels wrong. Better yet, get your HealthCheck every year and find out if you have problems before you notice them.”