Johnny Garrett

It’s no secret why Pattiki was the first Alliance mine to achieve 100 percent employee HealthCheck participation. To say Johnny Garrett is competitive would be an understatement. The 54-year-old general manager loves a challenge and his get-it-done attitude is contagious.

A grandfather of ten (with two more on the way), Johnny lives and breathes mining. He started right out of high school 37 years ago, worked his way up into management, and has run pretty much every piece of mining equipment there is in between. He wants to hit the 50-year mark, and nobody in his or her right mind would bet against him.

Just how competitive is Johnny? He lost 42 pounds during an eight-week period as part of Pattiki’s Biggest Loser team competition. And that was after a doctor said it would be difficult for him to lose weight because of a thyroid condition. But that’s just part of the reason Johnny’s heart age went from 57 to 42—an impressive 12 years younger than his real age. Besides managing his high blood pressure with medication, he also quit chewing tobacco.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit better and feeling better,” says Johnny. “I’m going to take care of Johnny first, so I can spend time with the people I love and care about.”

Whether at work challenging others to improve, teaming up with his wife in a golf tournament, or simply running by himself on a treadmill at home, Johnny Garrett keeps getting better.

To learn more about Johnny’s story, watch the video below.