Kerry Willett

Kerry - HAKerry Willett’s Heart Age wasn’t good in 2010, and in 2011 it was even worse. After his HealthCheck, the third-shift mechanic at River View decided, “It was time to make some changes.”

Instead of eating everything in sight when he gets home from work in the morning, Kerry now has a little oatmeal. And he makes sure that fresh fruit and salad are a regular part of his diet.

He’s not a fan of formal exercise, but he stays active doing thingshe loves … plenty of waterfowl hunting, yard work, and chasing his grandkids!

The result? Kerry is now 30 pounds lighter and feels great. Even better: his Heart Age improved by an amazing 28 years, from age 76 down to 48!

To learn more about Kerry’s story, watch the video below.